New Brews 12/03

Thanks for everyone who came out last night to make the Stone tasting so much fun.

Speaking of Stone, their
Cali-Belgique came in today (220z.) but we could only get our hands on a small amount. It will go fast.

Two new English ales imported by our friend Alan Shapiro have arrived:
Batemans Combined Harvest and Batemans XXXB.

Another limited quantity beer,
Frambozen, from New Belgium is available in 6 packs.

For those of us who enjoyed the Stone tasting here and then later at
Brouwers and missed the debut of Rogue's Captain Sig's Deadliest Catch at the LockSpot last night, don't get crabby. We've got bombers of it.

Bridgeport Raven Mad Imperial Porter (22oz.) is in, complete with 3D glasses to experience the label.

And, as always this time of year, Ridgeway livens up the holiday season with some lighthearted English ales. Bad Elf, their hoppy winter ale, arrived in 500ml bottles.

That's it for today. Get some sleep so you can enjoy Big Wood Fest at Brouwer's starting tomorrow afternoon with us Bottleworks boys.