New Brews 3/13

Biere De Miel has been away sadly for almost a year and a half. It's a shame because this is a quirky little saison from Dupont. Luckily a small supply is back. Those of you who have read your Charlie Papazian know that honey added to a beer in anything but large quantities will dry a beer out (due to its high fermentability). This is a prime example. Along with subtle floral honey notes, this saison is quite dry. Esters are much more easily noticed and the hopping rate is along the lines of Moinette and Foret (the organic version of Moinette) as opposed to the well known Saison Dupont. Subtle, dry, refreshing, different, delicious.

New Beers:
Van Pur Non Alcoholic (.5L cans, Poland)
Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale (12oz. 6 packs)
Pike Brewing IPA (new 22oz. Dinner Size Bottles)

Fish Tail Brewing Old Woody (22oz.)
Dupont Brasserie Foret (both 33cl and 750ml), Moinette Blonde (750ml), and Biere De Miel (750ml)