Fresh from the Cellar!

As I'm sure you remember, back in February we released a number of vintage beers from our cellar to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Unfortunately, there were three lambics from the legendary Brasserie Cantillon that were unreachable without an extraordinary amount of effort, so we decided to delay their release until a more convenient time. Fortunately for you, that time has come!

Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru 1999 750ml: One of the very few unblended lambics available in the U.S. It spends at least three years in oak casks before being bottled with no additions, meaning it will be nearly still.

Fou' Foune
2001 750ml: A fruit lambic made with Bergeron Apricots. The apricots are hand-stoned before being added to two year old lambic to ferment for two more months.

é de Gambrinus 2007 750ml: Made from the same base beer as the Kriek. Whole, fresh raspberries are added to casks containing lambic that is "more or less" one and a half years old to produce an unparalleled and fully authentic Framboise.