New Chocolate!

Our new chocolate order is in just in time for Halloween. New selections from Vosges, Pacari, Dolfin, Chocolove, Hachez, Nirvana, Pralus and more. Some of the more interesting ones include such exotic ingredients as Reishi mushrooms, bacon, mango-chili, Golden Berries (or Ground-Cherries to us in the Pac. NW) and green tea!

We also received a fresh order of Leonidas 1/2lb. and 1lb. assortments! If you're unfamiliar with Leonidas, be assured that these are some of the finest and most authentic Belgian chocolates to be found. Made with 100% pure cocoa butter, each package contains a variety of different Ganaches, Pralinés, and Truffles made with white, milk and dark chocolates.