Winter Holiday Solstice Yuletide Cellar Sale Extravaganza Event!

This Sunday, December 19th, we're having our rumored and much anticipated Winter Holiday Solstice Yuletide Cellar Sale Extravaganza Event. As the days reach their shortest length, the nights turn their coldest, and Christmas music loses its charm, we give a small, brief glimpse into the vast cavern of our massive cellar by selecting just a few of its many gems. Last week we ventured down into the darkness, candle light reflecting off the vaulted ceilings as we brushed past the cobwebs to dust off some rare offerings.

Due to the small number of some of these fine beers, we will be imposing bottle limits to spread the love around. Since our space is limited and the amount of beer we will be releasing is even more limited, we will not (read will NOT) be releasing everything right at 11AM. You're free to camp out on the sidewalk the night before but first through the door does not mean you will get a chance to buy all we will be releasing. So stop by Sunday, we will do our best to make cellar releases available throughout the day. We do not have a schedule of release times nor will we say what is going to be released. We will not be taking orders over the phone and no bottles will be held. Lastly, don't make a huge mistake and forget that 100% of our cellared beers taste better (and will age better) if you wear one of our new Bottleworks t-shirts or sweatshirts. See you then. -Shaughn