Fresh Hop Season

Starting this Friday, the day after our Ninkasi Brewing Company night, we will start the flood of fresh hop beers on draft. Availability of fresh hop beers in kegs was much greater this year and we have far more kegs than we do taps. Originally we had planned to put them all on at once but since we can't fit them all we figure why not spread them out over the course of a month so that if you can't make it one day, you are sure to get some the next. Starting on that Friday (the 14th), we will have around 3 or 4 fresh hop beers on draft at any one time until we run out of kegs. So come by Friday, then check our blog to see what we have on draft and come back often. All of our fresh hop beers will be available for growler fills and no, they do not make a fresh hop Pliny the Elder.