Anniversary Release Party

     Better late than never. Our Anniversary beer this year was made for us by Stone Brewing Company. The theme for the beer, being our 13th anniversary and all, was to use 13 Malts and 13 Hops in a huge strong ale. This monster of a beer took a bit longer to finish fermenting than anticipated but it's finally ready. We will have our beer on draft and in gorgeous silk screened 22oz. bottles for release on Saturday, March 24th.
     We will have bottles for sale as soon as we open and will also be pouring our beer on draft. This years batch is much larger than last years so supply will last longer and people will be able to get a larger number of bottles. Of course we don't know how many people are going to show up and how long it will last so we make no guarantees, but beating our door down at 11am shouldn't be a necessity.
     Because of the large crowd that seems to amass, we will be running a ticket system for draft beer like last time. This means that as soon as you walk in, purchase tickets at the register for draft beer at the back bar. We will not be running tabs at the bar due to the crowd. Any unused tickets can be exchanged for cash. Also, once bottles are purchased they will not be allowed in the store to avoid any security problems that have arisen in the past. Lastly, please bring food if you'd like, drink lots of water, take your time, whatever it takes because we don't enjoy policing bad behavior. This is a strong ale, please plan accordingly.
     Now that the rules section is over, have fun. We will be busy all day so please be patient. We are open normal hours (11am-11pm) so barring some freak run on bottles or draft, we should have a wide window of time for you to stop by and get a beer on draft or bottles to go. See you all on the 24th. Happy 13th Anniversary.