Washington Cider Week

    Washington Cider Week runs September 8th-16th this year and we're really excited to be participating with two events. We'll also be celebrating with two ciders on tap all week and a couple of limited bottle releases. Everything kicks off on Saturday the 8th with the always popular Cider Summit NW at South Lake Union's Discovery Center. Tickets are available here in advance for the event.
     Our first event is on Tuesday, September 11th from 5:30-8PM. We will be hosting an organic cider toast to raise money for Seattle's Bravest Charity, which benefits local firefighters. This is toast being held at a few places in the city simultaneously, with the benefits going to each locations local firehouse. We will have a local firefighter here for the toast to take donations. Stop by at 4, raise a glass for firefighters, and celebrate both Washington Cider Week and Washington Organic Week.
    Our second event is a cider and sour beer tasting. This will be run as two different pairings. Each pairing will feature a 6oz. pour of a sour beer and a 6oz. pour of a cider that is made with wild yeast strains. Each pairing will be $9. The event starts at 5 and finishes at 8PM, so please don't show up wanting to try both pairings at 7:45, as these tasty pairings shouldn't be rushed through.