Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holiday Party Closure

Be sure to stock up on Saturday and early Sunday, because we'll be closing at 4PM on Sunday the 22nd to engage in our annual holiday-related revelry. We'll be entirely closed Monday the 23rd in order to recover from the previous night's shenanigans. Trust us, you don't want to see one of us attempt to ring you up the day after one of our holiday parties. We'll be back to normal hours on Tuesday. Cheers!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cigar Spotlight

We at Bottleworks work long, grueling hours outside of the shop so we can be sure to have as much knowledge of the product as we can. It's a tough sacrifice to have to walk home with a cigar, or drink a few beers after work but it's our commitment to the customer that keeps us pushing along. We get to share the results of our hard beer research every day with recommendations but don't as often get to shine light on our cigar selection. Here today we present one of our more popular cigars.

Thunder by Nimish has become a staff favorite and due to the strenuous and frequent sampling we do to ensure quality, we seem to run through them alarmingly fast. Nimish Desai is Rocky Patel's cousin, and like many other Nicaraguan dominated Rocky Patel smokes, this one delivers. The Thunder line features a beautiful, oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper around both a Nicaraguan binder and filler. Ecuadorian wrappers have taken off as of late, and for good reason. Habano, Sumatra, and I hate to admit it, Connecticut leaves grown in Ecuador are all being given much acclaim.

The Thunder is described as a medium-full bodied smoke with peppery notes throughout, finishing with espresso flavors. I found the smoke itself very rich, medium bodied, and thought the black pepper toned down about halfway through smoking, blending the coffee flavors with a warm earthiness.

We carry a Robusto (4.5"X54) and a Torpedo (6.2"X52). Our supply on these guys for the moment seems to be steady which is good, because once the weather warms up just a little, we expect these to be an even faster seller. Stop in and pick a few up today.

Monday Closure

Sorry for the inconvenience folks but we will be closing early on Sunday the 22nd (around 4), and will be closed all day Monday (Jan 5th). Again we apologize, stock up accordingly.