14th Anniversary

14 Years. When researching what a 14th year anniversary gift should be, the customary theme was Ivory. Well in the spirit of animal rights, we are going with the gift of beer instead. This year we are proud to have Cascade Brewing in Portland as the producer for our anniversary release. The fine folks at Cascade Brewing, (especially the sweet-tooth of Ron Gansberg pictured below left), shared their one of a kind barrel room with us in the pursuit of a new blend we could call our own.

As always, we sacrificed for our beer release so we could have something we were proud of to give to all of you. Long hours were spent tasting barrel aged sours, laser like focus given to the perfect blend, and a few sleepless nights afterwards doing comparative studies of beer throughout Portland. You can thank us in person on Monday the 25th. We will have bottles for sale as soon as we open and until we run out. We will also be pouring our new beer alongside some other treats.

A: Depends on business. We are not sure on how long we will have bottles for sale, but a rough estimate would be most if not all of Monday, draft is an even bigger wildcard. There will be a 3 bottle per person limit. The cost will be $30 per bottle. It has delicious gluten in it. We will NOT be filling growlers of this one, even if it lasts a few days. We will NOT hold or pre-sell any bottles in the spirit of fairness. We do not ship. We know Matt as well, he's a great guy.

Lastly, if you are planning on having any draft on Monday, we will be running it like the last two years (ticket system). Come in, buy your drink tickets upfront, then take them back to the bar to exchange them for beverages. Any tickets you have extra when you leave will be re-funded. This is the smoothest way for us to operate as running tabs for such a large crowd is not fun. Thanks.