News 6/10

We now have 16 beers on draft! That means we have more room to play with when it comes to the selection of beer we have on tap. Expect to find not just Belgians, sours, and one-off kegs on but also a greater selection of beers for growler fills that are kind to your wallet. To celebrate, we are taking 30% off growler fills from Tuesday-Sunday (10th-16th).

Father's Day is this weekend and we've got plenty to get good ol' Dad this year. We can help you pick out a special bottle or two or a whole assortment. Empty growlers with a gift certificate are a fun way to let Dad pick out his own beer. If beer wasn't enough, we have cider, mead, chocolate, and cigars to round out a gift.

We are still rolling strong with Growler Mondays and Tasting Tuesdays. That's $2 off growler fills all-day every Monday and a Tuesday afternoon beer-style tasting from 4-7pm. All summer long the Wallingford Farmer's Market is happening just a few blocks from here. It runs 3:30-7 on Wednesday afternoons and is a great excuse to stop by the neighborhood.

Having a big summer 4th of July BBQ or a wedding soon? We can help you get whatever keg you may need, give us a call a week or two before. Camping or rafting trip coming up you need 12 cases of canned beer for? We can handle that too, just give us a call or stop in in-advance. We do 10% discounts on full cases of the same beer.