Bottleworks XII Re-Release

     When we tapped a keg of our 12th Anniversary beer a few months back it was very well received. For those who didn't get a chance to try it, it was an Imperial Berliner Weisse brewed with spices and raspberries. We've done 14 Anniversary beers so far and, like all the rest, this one has only grown in popularity (right along with sour beers in general). Well our buddies down in Orange County at The Bruery thought it was good enough that it should be made again. Not only are we thrilled to get to try another batch of this tart, refreshing beer but we love to share it with all of you. We will be the only place in Washington where you will be able to buy bottles and they will go on sale starting Tuesday, July 23rd.
     There will be a 3 bottle limit. We have 40 cases to sell and debated having no limit but like always, we erred on the side of letting more people get a shot at buying some. Should their be a lot left after the first day, we may change it. The price is $20 per bottle. To help us celebrate the release the crew over at Burgundian will be tapping a keg at 5pm. Then the party stumbles over to Brouwer's Cafe where they'll be tapping their keg at 7pm. We will not have it on draft here at the shop that first day, only bottles to go.
Many thanks go out to The Bruery for re-making this beauty, and releasing it in the perfect season. Cheers!