PNC Release

     Thursday August 15th release day. 13.7% Tequila Barrel Aged Buckwheat Stout made by Firestone Walker Brewing Company with the Publican National Committee members. 22oz. bottles and draft available at PNC member bars only.
     The Nitty Gritty: This will be released as soon as we open on Thursday morning. Price per bottle is $20. We will have roughly the same number of cases of this as we did our Bruery XII re-release so we expect this to sell in about the same amount of time (day and a half is the estimate). We will have a 3 bottle limit in order to try to get everyone who makes it here that Thursday an allotment but we make no promises.
     We will also have a keg of this on draft from the get-go until it kicks. Due to the increased business we will be getting from this release, we will not be able to run tabs at the bar. This means that if you want to enjoy something on draft while we are busy, you will need to purchase said drink at the register. An even easier option however is to bring some $5's and $1's because you can pay with exact change at the bar (skipping the need to wait upfront at the register). The beer will be on draft right at 11am at both Burgundian and Brouwer's Cafe. Price is $5 for a 6oz. pour at all 3 locations.

"But if you guys are the only ones selling bottles to go, I'll just drink it there and buy bottles, I don't want to miss out"

     While this is true we will have both draft and bottles to go of this beast, we will not run out immediately  so there's no need to line up an hour before opening. In fact, we will likely be a crowded place to drink and offer no food but both Burgundian (masters of the brunch) and Brouwer's Cafe will be places you can take your time, sit down, and eat some food to soak up that 13.7%abv.

"Yeah but what if you guys run out, I mean better to be safe and hurry over at the start"

     Well you drive a hard bargain. What we will do with this release is Tweet once an hour or so (as best we can) how many cases we have left for sale. Don't use Twitter? no problem! Simply go to where we have a live twitter stream on the right hand side of our webpage. Now you can try it before you buy it at Burgundian or Brouwer's with a bunch of other enthusiasts, eat some chicken and waffles, maybe some pork belly, all the while reassured of the number of stacks of bottles we still have waiting for you to mosey on in and buy.