Sünner Kölsch Night October 11th

     We are excited to announce that we were very lucky to get a specialty keg from the folks at Sünner Brauerei. Sünner Brauerei is the oldest brewery in Köln (Cologne) Germany and has been family owned and operated for six generations. We were contacted by Artisanal Imports a few months back about receiving a one-off 15L gravity keg of Sünner Kölsch sometime in the future and gave an enthusiastic Hell Yes! Well, the time has come and on October 11th at 4pm we will have the keg in house, fresh from the importer, ready to tap.
     The keg is a fun one; It's small by keg standards at just 15L (just shy of 4 gallons), and requires a ceremonious spout to be hammered into the side to tap. Being a gravity dispensed keg, this one is a one and done, one night only endeavor so if your a fan of German beer, make a point to come by on Friday afternoon/evening to grab a glass. We have the only one of these kegs in the state and we don't anticipate being able to get another anytime soon. If you've never been able to make it to Köln to drink glass after glass of fresh Kölsch, then this might just be the next best thing. We will be pouring .3L stange glasses of this beauty for just $3.

Sünner Kölsch is the first official Kölsch, and we are proud to get the opportunity to pour it.