Anniversary Release

      Our annual Anniversary beer sale and party this year will be held on Tuesday, March 4th. Tomme Arthur from Lost Abbey/Pizza Port Brewing was kind enough to help us make our beer this year and will be here to celebrate us making it fifteen years in the fine beer business.
      We expect this to be like the past few releases with a big rush when we open at 11 in the morning, a steady but quieter midday, and another afternoon/evening rush. Using drink tickets has worked well for us in the past so we will use them again. We can take exact change at the bar so bring some $5s and $1s or purchase drink tickets at the front register to be exchanged for beers at the bar. We will refund unused drink tickets. Bottles will be available as soon as we open. The first day price will be $20, with a limit of 12 bottles per person.
      Please know your limit. Our anniversary beer and some others we will have on draft will be strong, so be your own voice of reason so we don't have to (it would be a shame if you had to be asked to leave and didn't get a chance to buy bottles to go). Things will likely be too busy for our small shop so be patient, there is plenty of beer to go around. We do ask that you buy bottles as you leave, we will not allow people to bring boxes or bags back into the store once purchased. Lastly, we do not ship, nor do we sell beer over the phone to hold for future pickup. We are thrilled to celebrate 15 years in this great business and can't wait to share this token of our hard work with you. Cheers.