Summer Keg Rentals

Planning an event this summer and thinking about getting a keg or two? Call us up and we can help you plan for all your beer needs. 4th of July BBQ, weddings, family get together camping trips, we can get you what you need. We aren't a huge shop so we don't have kegs warehoused here to sell at a moments notice but with a week heads-up, we can order just about anything for you and it will be fresh. We can help decide on what beers to get, how much to buy etc. and we've got taps to rent as well. We also don't require kegs to be back within a week so long as you give us notice when you purchase it. You can buy a keg or two for your home kegerator without fear of being charged a deposit.  We also offer 10% off for full case purchases of beer you special order, so if you need cans for a rafting trip or don't want to gamble that your guests will finish a whole keg, buying cases in bulk might be the way to go and still save. Call us up (206) 633-BIER.