17 Years! This year's celebration and beer release will be on Monday, February 22nd. We had the honor of traveling to Denver Colorado to make both our new beer and some new friends. We teamed up with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project to make an oak-aged golden sour ale. The fine folks at Crooked Stave let us sample barrels, puncheons, and foeders to our heart's desire; seeing what caught our attention, what might be good to blend, etc. In the end it was an enticing blend in a single foeder that stood out to Matt and proclaimed itself Bottleworks XVII.

This release will work much like the past three. We will have the beer on draft all day long, along with some other treats. The bar will run on a ticket/cash-only system with no tabs being run. If you don't have cash on hand you'll need to purchase drink tickets up-front before ordering at the bar. Drink tickets are fully refundable. If you want to purchase bottles to drink in-house please pay for them at the front in the same manner before heading to the bar to get them opened.

Bottles of the XVII Anniversary are 375ml format for the introductory, celebration price of $12 all day Monday. The bottle limit will be 4 per person. We ask that once bottles are purchased they are taken out of the store (no bags/boxes hanging out in the crowded store).
Despite always doing this little PSA about behavior there is always someone who pushes the boundaries. Please be courteous of those around you and know your limit. We don't want to have to babysit/regulate people but we will if needed. We are all here to celebrate and have a good time. Please don't ruin the vibe.

We start pouring as soon as we open at 11 and will do last call close to 8pm. Stop in and help us celebrate 17 years of bringing Seattle the best beers we can get our hands on.